Hosting a Website on GitHub using the GitHub desktop app.

GitHub is a platform for version control and collaboration. It lets you work with others on a project from anywhere. GitHub is not only a great place to store and share your code with others, but it also offers free web hosting for your HTML, CSS, and JavaScript projects. This article will guide you on how to Host a Website on GitHub using the desktop app.

1. Create a GitHub Account.

2. Download and Install GitHub Desktop App:

Download for Mac or for Windows. The User Interface is simple to use.

3. Create a new GitHub Project:

Create a new repository in your GitHub application. Name it ‘’ Note the folder your repository saves in. Check the “Push to GitHub?” box.

4. Copy your files to the new repository folder:

Move your website’s files into the folder.

Note: The homepage HTML file must be called “index.html,” and it must exist in the top-level directory.

5. Commit to Master:

In the GitHub application, you should see your files in the left column, make sure they are all checked. Enter a message “initial commit” in the text box called “commit summary,” then click the commit button.

6. Publish your website:

Click the “Publish repo” button in the top right corner. Give it a while, then check Your website should be there.

7. Share your Website:

The last step is to get excited and check out your website in your browser! Surf on over to: https://[projectname] Your website should appear before your very eyes!


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What about Git CLI? It's easy to use.

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